SMF Tools

Successful Wire 2018 for Nedschroef Machinery

Wire 2018 turned out to be a very successful edition for Nedschroef Machinery. During the event on 16th and 20th of April we welcomed more than 500 visitors and registered over 250 visitors, resulting in many sales leads. In addition, three business deals were closed. Overall, our presence was perceived as interesting and professional.​


Forming ideas smarter

Our servo-electric technology was explained and demonstrated by showing our smart forming and rolling solutions to the business, both at the stand and on the action website. Smart forming brings more flexibility, intelligence and efficiency to the production of cold and warm formed metal parts, allowing manufacturers to create more complex and more functional products.


This concept was underlined with a modern and inviting stand, featuring strong key visuals and a media strategy that will be continued within the upcoming months. Two machines, the full servo-electric multi-station cold and warm former NC714 and the roll former NT60 were running to produce products directly at the stand. SMF Tools made the tooling that we used for the demonstrations in order to show their capabilities in the production of precision hardware, rapid prototyping and services. Next to live demonstrations attended by more than 350 visitors we provided valuable insights in our path to digitalization and presented our supporting pillars of success: ‘after-sales services’ and ‘Nedform Academy’.


Press event

On Tuesday, the press was personally invited to the stand. Mathias Hüttenrauch explained how the changing world is influencing the production of a piece of metal and how Nedschroef Machinery found ways to form these in a smarter way called ‘smart forming​’. As a result, relationships with many journalists have been strengthened, which is important to raising awareness in the future.